An Analysis of Health, Sexual Abuse, and Immigration Issues


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An Analysis of Health, Sexual Abuse, and Immigration Issues
Examining and analyzing working conditions for female field workers indicates
that they are being victimized by high rates of sexual harassment and assault, and are encountering serious health risks because of long hours laboring in punishing heat without adequate water or rest periods. It is very clear that they are being subjected to maltreatment and abuse because most of them are undocumented immigrants, which makes them hesitant to report incidents, for they are fearful that doing so will get them fired and deported.
Field Labor Conditions in Santa Cruz County and Central California
In order to fully examine and analyze this issue, it is necessary to focus on...
The end:
.....s shade and rest, water. It is certainly a standard that protects employees."
Bautista says he never imagined his fiancée's death would spark such an outcry. Gov. Arnold
even attended her funeral.
Bautista says the governor put his hand on his shoulder and told him Jimenez's death could have been prevented — and that he would be sure justice was done.
The farmworkers arrived in Sacramento on June 4.
"It's inexcusable that those people that pick the fruits and vegetables and do this kind of work, that they shouldn't get the right working conditions,"
said that day.
He also announced that the California labor commissioner was initiating proceedings to revoke Merced Farm Labor's license as a