An Analysis of Douglas Glover’s “Elle”


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An Analysis of Douglas Glover’s "Elle"
Douglas Glover’s Elle: A novel is a very interesting book because it is partially based on fact, but is written in an extremely modernized that includes many graphic details that a reader would not expect to find in a usual historical book. It is also very interesting because the book Elle talks a lot about the Canadian wilderness and the main character, Elle, sees Canada from the perspective of a wealthy French woman looking in on Canadian culture during the sixteenth century.
The book is loosely based on the journey of Marguerite de Roberval who traveled to Canada in 1542 with a group of people that included her uncle Jean-François de la Rocque. This expedition, which was led by Jacques Cartier, was...
The end:
.....adian culture and offers readers a very interesting commentary on the history of Canada and the way it is viewed by insiders and outsiders.
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