An Analysis of Covenant in Biblical and Legal Terms


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An Analysis of Covenant in Biblical and Legal Terms
The concept of a covenant is important to understanding the relationship between God and man and what is written in the bibleBible. In addition, covenant has a legal basis that is different than what is meant by covenant in the Bible. This paper will discuss the definition and application of covenant in both legal terms and biblical terms.
The Covenant in Legal Terms
What is meant by a covenant in legal terms is relatively straightforward and is part of every legal transaction that takes place because it represents the exchange or agreement that both parties agree to on a legal basis. Another way of saying this is that a legal covenant is essentially an agreement between two...
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..... mechanics and style was overall very good, but there were a few places with awkward wording. By way of improvement, I think a better comparison is between the biblical covenants and the ancient legal covenants. There are many more similarities here. The biblical covenants are generally patterned after the covenants of the ancient world that people would make with each other. So, for example, in ancient covenants there were stipulations or agreements (as in modern covenants), but there was also a ceremony (as in Genesis 15) and some kind of external sign/symbol of the covenant (as with the rainbow or circumcision). I think looking at these ancient covenants between peoples provides some nice parallels when looking at the biblical covenants.