An Analysis of Contemporary Metaphors for the Kingdom of God


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An Analysis of Contemporary Metaphors for the Kingdom of God
Introduction and Overview
Jesus taught that “nature can host the divine” (Smith, 2009, p. 279) by revealing the truth that the Kingdom of God is to come to earth through the Christian doctrine of incarnation. In addition, it was revealed that “outcasts and harlots” can enter the Kingdom of God before many “who are perfunctorily righteous” (Smith, 2009, p. 348). This is one of Jesus’ great teachings, that all men have equal capacity to the Kingdom of God.
Tame (2005) suggests that there are many paths to finding God and equally plentiful are the paths that God takes to find people who seek Him. The understanding of the meaning of the Kingdom of God and Jesus’ teachings regarding...
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.....duces a healthy, satisfying home-cooked meal to be enjoyed by and shared with loved ones, both represent the Kingdom of God in a way that I believe Jesus’ would support. It is through His word that these metaphors give life and meaning to the Kingdom of God.
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