An Analysis of a Transitional Management Strategy in Changing Jobs


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An Analysis of a Transitional Management Strategy in Changing Jobs
This management study will define the process in which I unutilized a transitional strategy in the changing of jobs. During a time of great change, I made a conscious choice to pursue middle management opportunities as a career choice. This involved quitting my job as a bank teller and using my educational background to find work in another banking institution. In essence, by using transitional management through this process I was able to find a good temporary job service, which allowed me to incrementally work my way into a middle management position over a short period of time.
While was working as a bank teller after college, I began to realize that I was not putting my...
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.....ollege for middle management. This strategy, in turn, allowed me to escape the hierarchical promotional ladder of my previous job and move into a higher paying and more authoritative position in a different banking institution. This is how transitional management ideology helped me to change jobs with great ease and fluidity.
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