An Analysis of a Recent Article on Weight Gain in College Freshmen


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An Analysis of a Recent Article on Weight Gain in College Freshmen
This paper will analyze the differences and similarities of a research article and a news article, both published in 2010, about the environmental influences of weight gain in freshmen college students. The journal article first appeared in the Journal of Adolescent Psychology and then many news articles followed that cited the original research study. The article chosen is from the Aol website in the health section.
The similarities between the article and the journal article is that they both highlight the study that was done, but the article does it in a more journalistic style while the journal article is more scientific in its approach. A difference is...
The end:
.....esearch. It actually helps to have author quotes to clarify some things. For example, the news article states that the results “seems counterintuitive, but there are some good explanations for why it may be happening” (Donaldson-Evans, 2010). This helps clarify that the results are definitely counterintuitive, which they are.
Donaldson-Evans, C. (2010). College Women With Heavy Roomates Gain Less Weight Freshmen Year. Aol Health website. September 22, 2010. Retrieved September 25, 2010 at
Kapinos, K.A., Yakusheva, O. (2010). Environmental Influences on Young Adult Weight Gain: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Journal of Adolescent Health. pp. 1-7.