An Analysis in the Movie: “What the Bleep Do We Know”


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An Analysis in the Movie: "What the Bleep Do We Know"
In the movie What the Bleep De We Know (Arntz, Chasse, & Vicente, 2004), the focus is on what in life do people actually know and how people often ask different questions about their lives without finding the answers to them. The movie relates to real live and to real people because most people eventually start asking questions about fate, their religion, science, philosophy, or about their identity. The example of real life is a friend who was abused, but she eventually sought a shelter and found healing when she went through counseling. Studying the movie and doing some research shows that religion, philosophy, and education affect cognitive processes during crisis when a person...
The end:
.....and conditioned to accepting abuse, but when she was retrained to think cognitively differently she became a different person. Amanda became a different person than she was from the beginning. While the movie was about quantum physics, what was important was the fact that a person can get their brains wired incorrectly but with the help of a therapist a person can change.
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