An Analysis in Steve Cone’s “Steal These Ideas!”


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The beginning:
An Analysis in Steve Cone's "Steal These Ideas!"
Introduction and Overview: the Book in Context
Steal These Ideas! By Steve Cone can be thought of as an introductory textbook to integrated marketing communications, which encompass all of the activities that a marketing organization—whether an advertising or marketing agency or a small or large company, via internal marketing communications—does to communicate the basic tenets of marketing: who they (the company) are as a brand; how they choose to communicate to the public who they are; and what it stands for in relationship to the companies that are in a similar cognitive set from the customers’ point of view.
It is clear, with any knowledge of marketing and the role of marketing...
The end:
.....keting, in fact, is a “battle for your mind” (Ries & Trout, 2000). Cone’s ideas will only help in that battle for mindspace.
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