An Analysis in Chong’s “The Girl in the Picture” and West’s “The Village”


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The beginning:
An Analysis in Chong’s “The Girl in the Picture” and West's “The Village”
Introduction and Overview
Denise Chong’s “The Girl in the Picture” tells the story of Kim Phuc, who was the nine year-old subject of the famous photograph from the Vietnam War that was taken in 1972 in Trang Bang, Vietnam by Nick Ut, who was a Canadian news journalist working for the Associated Press when he caught the moment on camera, although there were many other photographers and journalists who caught part of what happened on camera as well. The photograph caused a lot of questions about who the girl was, whether she would survive, what she would become. For a lot of people it represented the very worst part of the Vietnam war, and any war in general, where...
The end: done and the tone of the piece, since it is antecdotal evidence, is very similar in both.
Both “The Girl in the Picture” and “The Setting” taken from the book “The Village” take place in the Vietnam War, show the solidarity of Americans and North Vietnamese during the war and show a more “human” side of war that is normally shown in the media. For this reason each essay is a valuable contribution to understanding how war affects everyone, no matter if you are in the military or just a typical person with children, parents or with brothers and sisters.
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