An Analysis for the Legalization of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes


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The beginning:
An Analysis for the Legalization of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes
The aim of this study will be to understand how the currently illegal drug marijuana can be used legally for medicinal purposes. By showing the recent studies that validate the proof for this claim, we can surely see how American society is dealing with these facts. The facts in Federal law seem to point against this objective, but we can see their error in judgment. With American political agendas set against this valuable drug the citizens of this country must stand up for medicinal marijuana. With American citizens seeking valid information to uphold this helpful drug, the law can be changed. In essence, American law should provide medicinal uses of marijuana as a way...
The end:
.....anding the regulatory motives of the Feds to keep it illegal on the grounds of its dangerous properties, one can surely hope that a democratic humanity can overcome their erroneous ways. By evaluating the findings of medical science that define the drug as a important remedy for pain for chronic illness, the legalization of marijuana should be allowed for medical purposes.
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