An Analysis and Comparison of Jesus and Muhammad


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An Analysis and Comparison of Jesus and Muhammad
Jesus and Muhammad are two of the most important figures in monotheistic religious tradition -- religions that believe in one God. In Christianity, Jesus is the son of God. In Islam, Muhammed is considered the prophet of the word of God. This paper will discuss the historical aspects of both Jesus and Muhammad, including a discussion of how their followers spread the message of both men after their deaths, as well as two internal conflicts that came up after the development of each religion. In addition, the question of whether Jesus and Muhammad would approve of the way their messages are being spread now will be examined.
Jesus and Muhammad Overview
Although “little” is known of Jesus life...
The end:
.....rrorism and angry acts against people who don’t believe what you do would be completely unbelievable to both Jesus and Muhammad, who preached fairness, non-violence and tolerance. I think if they were to visit today’s world, especially in the Middle East and in North America, they would be very disappointed.
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