America’s Most Valuable Documents


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America’s Most Valuable Documents
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were goals that were basically unreachable for the ordinary common man in the 18th century. Working men and shopkeepers as well as professional men (women were second-rate citizens at best in America until 1921) were often taxed unreasonably. In the case of the American colonies, such taxes and other regulations were imposed by a royal government thousands of miles away with little knowledge of the colonies except as a means of profit with everything from cotton and tobacco as well as minerals and other agricultural products. The initial shock to the British government, insensitive to the problems facing the colonists, was this forthright declaration that spelled...
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.....n war dead and also holds up signs that “God hates fags” to be permissible.
If I have learned anything in my investigation of the importance and effect of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution it is that most of us know too little about its real value and meaning. Thousands of men and women are asked to defend the constitution when they enlist or are drafted to serve our country without really knowing what they are defending. Also, too many politicians are using the Constitution as either a weapon or a shield to further a specific cause. If there is one thing these people need to understand is that, under this Constitution we and our rights are all equal and deserving of fairness and lack of legal or religious or social bias.