Americans Under the Advertising Spell


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Americans Under the Advertising Spell
     There are fewer and fewer people in America who, upon seeing something they want advertised, say “I’d like it, but I can’t afford it.” Most of the time, Americans find some way to afford it- especially if it gives them a sort of air of superiority over their peers. See an 
 advertised as being sold at midnight on a certain date? There’s a line-up waiting at Nine PM outside that store or stores to be among the first to own one. “We are losing our grip on real culture” (Cave 112). This really brings up a pointy whether most Americans understand what “real culture” is unless it is brought to their attention through advertising. Even Public TV and NPR Radio advertise for viewers and listeners....
The end:
..... relief of bladder problems. There are millions who believe if it’s advertised on the media it has to be beneficial. Ikea makes the best furniture for the price, because it comes from Sweden. Mercedes makes the best cars because of German engineering. Wal-Mart insists on American values because its headquarters are in Arkansas and most of the stores are in small American cities and towns. Value prices is another of those weasel words, but value” has been so instilled in the American lexicon that, like Chevrolet and Apple Pie and, of course, Mom, it just has to be right And useful and something to be desired.
Cave, Damien:   “On Sale at Old Navy”
, William: ”With These Words I Can Sell You Anything