American Red Cross Marketing Analysis


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American Red Cross Marketing Analysis
The American Red Cross (ARC) was founded by pioneering American nurse Clara Barton in 1881. The ARC, founded as an extension of the Swiss Red Cross movement, has been spectacularly successful since its founding. Red Cross volunteers have been instrumental in providing nursing care, food, and other forms of comfort to the victims of wars, natural disasters, and other catastrophes for 129 years.
The mission of ARC, as articulated in its charter of 1900, has not changed for over a century. However, the environment in which ARC delivers its services has changed radically over this time. Therefore, it is worth auditing the following aspects of ARC in order to learn how the mission is being...
The end:
.....g boards and self-promoting CEOs—ARC is doing itself no favors. It should consider returning to a humbler image and mode of operations, which would be the best marketing policy for the Red Cross brand.
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