American Philosophy and Pragmatism


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American Philosophy and Pragmatism
Although an exact solution has yet to be determined, philosophers have provided theories of knowledge and truth; knowledge and truth has been coined as pragmatism. The nature of pragmatism, as Moser asserted, supports empirical, non-empirical knowledge and truth, knowledge by acquaintance, knowledge by description, and the reality of action. As such, American philosophy and pragmatism provides an abstract and continuous thirst for reality.
This paper will describe American philosophy and pragmatism and identify unique, distinct, and essentially American qualities. However, as belonging to the world, pragmatism is considered universal. The following will...
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.....atism have been illustrated to include discussion of questions and possible defects. The paper was supported by methods in answering critics and defending its future. Pragmatism is everlasting and how the world supports the quest for truth and knowledge.
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