American History Before 1877


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American History Before 1877
1) What Do You See as the Primary Cause of the American Revolution? Discuss All of the Relevant Causes and Address the Reasons for the Victory of the Colonists.
It's difficult to pinpoint one specific cause for the American Revolution against British rule in the late 18th century. In general, the American Revolution stemmed from discordance between the manners in which Great Britain treated the colonies, versus how the thirteen American Colonies felt they deserved. American simply felt they were entitled to the same treatment that of Englishmen overseas, while the British felt that the colonies were developed to best serve British interests, including the current monarchy and British parliament. As author...
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.....eir personal views on the morality of this institution. The opposing viewpoint of the north resulted in abolitionist movements against slavery and the eventual secession of southern states from the Union. Though slavery is at the forefront of the American Civil War, the issue reflects disparaging viewpoints as a result of environmental and economic differences. Slavery was certainly immoral at the time, but it played a vital role in the development of the United States.
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