“American Government and Politics”: A Review


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"American Government and Politics": A Review
In their book, American Government and Politics Today, Schmidt, Shelley and Bardes dedicate Chapter 6 to the examination of public opinion. Public opinion is influenced by many factors and it is formed through political socialization. Children are politically socialized by their families, schools and peer groups. Individuals form political opinions based of several factors and often political orientation is influenced by various factors including age, religion, sex, economic status and education. The authors also demonstrate that the media play and important and complex role in the shaping of public opinion. The role is complex because “the media may not be successful in telling people what to...
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.....ways overwhelmingly dominated by middle- aged white men. As such she is expected to follow the doctrine of judicial activism and portray more liberal views in her decisions. The appointment of Sotomayor is an important victory for liberals in the USA because a conservative majority in the Court would greatly influence policy for years to come and could even possibly reverse some of the earlier decision of the court.
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