“Amateurism” in the Element of Individual Creativity as Subculture


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“Amateurism” in the Element of Individual Creativity as Subculture
This design study will analyze the importance of amateurism in the crafts as inferior art that inspires vitally unique subcultures that defy mainstream art culture. These subcultures are extremely important because they deviate from the accepted norms that define as an exclusive to an avant-garde, implying in Adamson’s analysis that art can be flexible and important for the development of art without institutional restrictions. In the critical thinking process, it is evident that the crafts are an objective way in which art can thrive and grow without institutional hindrances. In essence, the inferiority of amateur craft making or craft culture is actually an inspiring and...
The end:
.....ums and creating new ways in which to redefine value in the art world. By analyzing these aspects of Adamson’s critical thinking involving crafts, he effectively defines how the subcultural value of craft making is vital to freedom and growth of art outside of dogmatic institutional dominance in today’s world.
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