Altering Familial Identity and the Effect of Social Norms in “The Nephew” and “Secrets & Lies”


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An Analysis of Altering Familial Identity and the Effect of Social Norms in The Nephew (1998) and Secrets & Lies (1996)
This film study will evaluate the social forces that define familial identity in the films The Nephew (1998) and Secrets & Lies (1996). The character, Hortense Cumberbatch, is an Anglo-African woman that seeks out her mother, Cynthia Purely, after her own adoptive mother dies. Hortense is a woman that acts against the social institutions that would define her as an adopted bi-racial child as a familial identity, and she independently chooses to reconnect with her birth mother. Chad, in The Nephew, is also a biracial child of a white woman who has been outcaste because of his mother’s relationship with a black man,...
The end:
..... norms imposed on them. These are the ways that The Nephew and Secrets & Lies depict adoption and biracial families,. As well as how the main characters overcome the odds against them to find their true familial identity.
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