Alone in a Crowd: Observed Social Interactivity of Strangers in a Coffee Shop


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Alone in a Crowd: Observed Social Interactivity of Strangers in a Coffee Shop
The objective of this observation is the assessment of the degree to which coffee shops – a social venue with considerable history as a primary site of social, political and intellectual interaction – have become areas of solitary experience, characterized by individuals with their attention focused on laptops, reading and consuming beverages and pastries. The subjects of this observation will NOT be customers who meet and talk with others with whom they have a prior relationship, but the level of interactivity of customers/strangers with each other. The dates and times of the observation were chosen to maximize the probability that the data sample...
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..... than in the weekday morning one?
Finally, the role of children as social “bridges” or facilitators of social interaction among strangers in the Coffee Shop is interesting. The children seem to be recognized as operating in a different social realm from the adults, and as such become a sort of communal bonding agents between adults who would otherwise be strangers.
In conclusion, when the Coffee Shop is observed as a setting that facilitates social interaction, it may be suggested that this function is more limited in the present day context. While it is a site of interaction among friends, it is an area of high social pressure among strangers. Perhaps the social signification of this common setting is changing in present-day circumstances.