Alcohol Consumption and GDP Trends


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Alcohol Consumption and GDP TrendsĀ 
"We have been drinking as long as we have been human, and for better or worse, alcohol has shaped our civilization" (Gately, 2009). According to the "Brookings papers on Economic Activity", the annual average growth rate of GDP per capita has been increasing in the 1990s for most countries e.g. Austria, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, and the United States ... etc. Nowadays, there are some factors like alcohol consumption that are correlated with humans' standard of living also known as economic welfare. As GDP increases, individuals will have an improvement in their living standards. Thus, people start to consume more luxury goods like entertainment, travel, investing, and products like alcohol....
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..... of the Census (2011) Table H-17: Households by Total Money Income, Race, and Hispanic Origin of Householder: 1967 to 2010 (Mean Income: Households as of March of the following year; Income in 2010 CPI-U-RS adjusted dollars.)
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