“After the Warming”: A Critical Review


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"After the Warming": A Critical Review
In 1989 the science historian, James Burke, produced the documentary “After the Warming” which addresses the impending issue of global warming. The style of the documentary is one that is told from a futuristic perspective in the year 2050, where he speculates about the consequences of climate change. At this futuristic time, the world has become an arguably different place, not only from the climate change that has occurred but also in terms of the social and technological changes that have occurred as a result. Even though the film itself is now over twenty years old, given its futuristic and retro-telling style, many of the points made within it are still relevant today. In this paper we will first...
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.....bal warming in the year that he did. It served as a project to inform us of what lies ahead and what we can do about it. While none of us can be sure about what the physical effects of the current climate change will be, we can take appropriate actions in accordance with it, as Burke suggested, and we have begun doing just that. Contrary to the doomsday scenarios that are all too easy to portray about what our future may look like, Burke’s film conveys a stronger message of hope for the future through faith in sound human judgment and new technologies through human ingenuity. Humans have survived and prospered through many climate changes in history, so too we can do the same here. In fact, climate change may even bring change for the good.