African American and Caucasian Body Image: Summary and Implications


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African American and Caucasian Body Image: Summary and Implications
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In a detailed review of peer reviewed literature concerning the discontinuity of body image dissatisfaction between African American women and Caucasian women, the crucial distinction to be discovered was that although each racial groups is demonstrably impacted by multiple factors that create body image dissatisfaction, the common underlying characteristic is that taken as a generalized population, African American women are more comfortable with their body image than are Caucasian women.
Perez & Joiner (2003) discovered that there was a distinct difference between black and white women’s perspective of an...
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.....encies that will prove instructive. Specifically, race and socio-economic factors must be thoroughly researched to establish the driving forces behind BID. At present, indicators suggest that African American women are able to exist within a more practical sense of body image, but further demographic studies could locate dimensions that would make treatment more effective. Similarly, in the discovery of Caucasian women who are afflicted with BID, discrete demographic discoveries would help efforts that target those that would best benefit from treatment. In any event, awareness of the particular populations that are most likely to experience BID will allow clinical professionals to focus their efforts on those who would most likely benefit.