Affirmative Action in Higher Education


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This paper shall discuss a contemporary social issue of relevance to minority communities in the United States. To be more specific, the author will examine the role that affirmative action proposals and initiatives have in a higher educational context at universities like the University of California. Affirmative action is a highly polarized issue in the United States, but one that is of particular significance for minority communities.
Affirmative Action in Higher Education
The issue of affirmative action is quite relevant to minority communities in the United States. With continued debate over the ethics and legality of affirmative action initiatives throughout the nation, it can sometimes be difficult to get a solid bead on...
The end:
..... student diversity through admissions policies, whether by means of direct racial consideration, focus on economic disadvantage, or community outreach to help minority students achieve higher education goals. Whatever the approach, it is clear that affirmative action in higher education is a persistent issue in the United States for minorities and for all individuals interested in higher education.
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