Advice about Peer Pressure for a Ten Year Old


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Advice about Peer Pressure for a Ten Year Old
Growing up between the ages of ten and twenty is very difficult and challenging for children. But life can be a lot easier for kids if they get good advice from an adult. And one of the most important things that an adult can provide advice about is how to deal with peer pressure the right way.
As a ten year old, you are probably wondering what I mean by peer pressure. So, let me explain what it means. Peer pressure happens when kids feel they have to go along with the crowd to be accepted (Rechner 18). An example of peer pressure might involve a group of popular children making fun of someone who is not well liked at school. A group of kids might get together, for instance, and call another...
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.....s lives. And it can cause kids to do things like join the group in making fun of other kids. And it can even lead to problems like smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. But there are things kids can do to avoid becoming a victim of peer pressure. They can choose the right friends. And they can get involved in healthy and fun activities at school like sports and clubs. In this way, peer pressure becomes a good thing in the life of a kid.
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