Advertising Techniques for TAG Body Spray


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Advertising Techniques for TAG Body Spray
A beautiful, slim blonde with blue eyes running after an average guy who has on TAG Body Spray can be seen on a commercial on television. This is an example of how advertisement has invaded modern society. The media’s influences increases more over time. Advertisers now hold more influence with America’s youth than do parents. Advertisements play an important role on our television screens and they impact how we view each other and our society. The advertisements of TAG Body Spray chose young men as the demographic audience, advertisements affect adolescents in negative ways, and parents should be aware that advertisements target demographic groups.
Different advertisements appeal to different...
The end:
.....isements to attract consumers. These kinds of over dramatic advertisements are actually influencing people’s behaviors, especially teenagers. Seriously, these advertisements could lead to a series of social problems. Advertising does play a role in society, especially with children and youth, that can be seen with the TAG body spray that should not go unaddressed because it can lead to unrealistic expectations for a targeted demographic group. Many children and teenagers take seriously the advertisements that they watch so it is a serious problem. Parents must be aware of the commercials and advertisements that their children and adolescents see so that they can help their children and adolescents make wise choices about different products.