Advertising Analysis: Avis Luxury Car Rental


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Advertising Analysis: Avis Luxury Car Rental
Any print advertisement is constructed of several different components that come together to try to send a message to the viewer that this product is the best in its field and worthy of the customer’s purchase. Each element of the advertisement is thought through in minute detail to help send this message and be as convincing and persuasive as possible from a visual and sociological level. John Sherry writes, “advertising is both expressive and programmatic,” meaning that any marketing campaign is meant to appeal to a consumer’s (latent) desires and to also help direct those desires. The advertisement needs to appeal to the viewer so that they have the urge to purchase the product and thus...
The end:
.....d a luxury car. In this case, the advertisement is intended to ignite the desire in the viewer to attend this – or their own – reunion in a luxury rental car to show off their own high status, or to make it seem that they do have power, wealth, and success in their lives 10 years (or more) out of high school.
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