Adult Learner Assessment Project


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Adult Learner Assessment Project
Unit 2
The purpose of this summative assessment is to evaluate the ways in which an institute of higher education addresses the needs of visually impaired adult learners, and to tie these accommodations back to the performance of visually impaired students by means of elementary regression analysis. The conceptual purpose of the assessment is thus to correlate
A) what the school does to make the visually impaired learner’s experience more equitable with B)the learning outcomes obtained by the student.
Historically, much of the work on adult learner assessment has focused on performance-based results (see for example Ananda 2000, p. 27). The weakness of this paradigm, however, is that it uncritically places...
The end:
.....arch focuses on the experience of K-12 students rather than on adult learners. Given Rapp and Rapp’s (1992) assessment that visually impaired students seldom reach the most advanced levels of instruction, it is all the more important to reach out to visually impaired adult learners who have been successful enough to reach the ranks of higher education.
Kapperman, G., Sticken, J., & Heinze, T. (2002). Survey of the
use of assistive technology buy Illinois students who are visually impaired. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, 96(2), 106-108
Rapp, D.W. & Rapp, A.J. (1992). A survey of the current status
of visually impaired students in secondary mathematics. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, 86(2), 115-117