Adult Instruction from the Perspective of an Elementary School Teacher


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Adult Instruction from the Perspective of an Elementary School Teacher
From the perspective of an elementary school teacher faced with the task of instructing adults instead, there will likely be several obvious differences between an adult and child learner. For example, adult learners are more likely to be independent and self-directed. This is likely due to more available and important learning resources to the adult learners such as prior experiences. Furthermore, adult learners are more likely to be intrinsically motivated and their participation in learning, more likely to be voluntary. The capacity of adult learners’ to critically think and assess information is another factor that distinguishes them from children learners. This is...
The end: person such as an instructor, students are more likely to be more aware and mindful of their processes in their application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the information so that they are able to better contribute to their discussions. (4) Another advantage of utilizing classroom discussion is that it provides a certain responsibility to the students in their own learning because students are compelled to make their own preparations in their classroom discussion, (5) which thus enhances student preparedness. (6) Finally, the use of classroom discussions, especially when the discussion is graded, is likely to increase student motivation. This positively reinforces the students to participate which in turn improves their learning.