Adult Development


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This paper shall provide a summary of the article Adult age differences in autobiographical reasoning in narratives. This article was written in 2006 based on a study performed by the two authors.
Adult Development
Monisha Pasupathi and Emma Mansour conducted two studies to examine aged based differences in autobiographical reasoning. This article focuses on how one’s sense of self changes throughout adult development. The authors theorize that as adults mature, not only does their sense of self change, but the manner in which they assess their life experiences is also altered. The authors combine both empirical and analytical studies to demonstrate how adults are able to link actual life experiences to analyze their own sense of...
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.....adults do demonstrate strong reasoning skills and will construct these autobiographical narratives.  However, the results are very preliminary and even the authors acknowledge that there are some limitations on the findings. Future work and studies will need to take place to look for other relevant variables that may affect the results of the narrative study as well as the ability for individuals to develop these narratives. The study has proven that age is indeed a factor, but has not determined it is the only factor.
Pasupathi, M., & Mansour, E. (2006, September). Adult age differences in autobiographical reasoning in narratives. Developmental Psychology, 42(5), 798-808. Retrieved May 4, 2009, doi:10.1037/0012-1649.42.5.798