Adoption Practices in Virginia


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Adoption Practices in Virginia
With abortion more and more a serious problem and more women deciding to give their fetuses a life, adoption is on the increase. Certainly Virginia is making an effort to provide homes for babies who are unwanted or unable to be cared for by their birth mothers. As of now, in Virginia “only two types of placements for adoption are legally permitted: those made by duly authorized agencies (public social services departments and private licensed child placing agencies) and those made by birth parents or legal guardians” (“Parental Placement adoption”, 2009,
. 1). These regulations are firmly in place to avoid fraud, illegal payments and coercion of birth mothers.
In fact, according to current laws, birth...
The end:
.....ppiness of the adoptee is just one of the challenges Virginia faces in regulating and overseeing current adoption procedures and legislation. Compassion, not legislation is really at the heart of Virginia’s adoption laws.
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