Addressing Forced Migrations Displacement (FMD) in Mexico


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The beginning:
Addressing Forced Migrations Displacement (FMD) in Mexico: An Analysis of Mexico: A Death in the Desert and the New Economics of Migration (NEM)
This theoretical analysis will define how the New Economics of Migration (NEM) and Force Migrations Displacement (FMD) define the complex issues surrounding the death of Matias Garcia while crossing the American border in 2004. By analyzing the circumstances of Garcia’s death as a migrant worker supporting his family via the “household model” of the New Economics of Migration, the correlating emigrational displacement forced him to take such dangerous journeys to the North. However, Garcia was reacting to the debt he accrued after a failed, rather than being “forced” off his land by the government...
The end:
.....y offering more government subsidies for small farmers in rural areas, the decrease in dangerous and illegal migration could be resolved within the context of this documentary film. The NEM and FMD theories provide a limited, but cohesive unity in the way they define the tragedy of illegal migratory workers in their desperate attempts to support their families in Mexico.
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