Adding Solar Powering Capability to the Livescribe Smartpen


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Adding Solar Powering Capability to the Livescribe Smartpen
Digital pens have become one the latest input devices for saving time and money. These devices are designed to capture natural handwriting onto computing devices. One of the market leaders is Livescribe who offers their Smartpen. Given consideration for competitors and substitute products, the following brief discussion provides a marketing strategy for helping Livescribe maintain its position as a leader in the digital pen market. The strategy, in short, involves the addition of solar power capability to the Livescribe Smartpen.
The Smartpen records and stores the writer's hand strokes in memory (Livescribe, 2010). Stored information can be played back for listening with...
The end:, scanners with OCR capability. So it behooves Livescribe to look for ways to separate itself from the competition. The surest way to do this is by leveraging the company’s core competencies in support of a product differentiation strategy that adds solar power capability to the Smartpen. The company can then use it superior ability to get products to market as a way of creating sustainable advantage.
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