Addiction to Violence


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The beginning:
Addiction to Violence
An Analysis of the Financial, Physical, and Emotional Effect of Video Games on the world
Video games are becoming increasing popular within global society. Children in particular are spending more and more time playing video games. For example,
In a recent national survey of over 600
eighth and ninth-grade students, children averaged 9 hours per week of video game
play overall(Anderson et al 7).
What this would seem to indicate is that children and teenagers are spending incredible amounts of time playing video games. Similar trends can be observed in all developed countries(Littman 11).
This situation has raised difficult questions about addiction. Is the fact, that so many people are playing videogames for extended...
The end:
.....n conclusion, violent video games are shown to have negative physical, financial and emotional effects. These effects are global and seem to affect predisposed people.
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