Addiction and Stress


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The beginning:
Addiction and Stress
The method of employing questions as lead-ins to the next slide provided an excellent sense of interactivity and flow. However, the presentation could also have benefited from a master agenda slide (in spot #2) that would have outlined the entire course of the presentation. Such an act of signposting would have helped to keep the reader/audience oriented through the progression of topics.
It would also have helped to have a slide (perhaps in position #3) listing the hypothesis and the three supporting studies. It isn’t absolutely clear if the “Starting Point” in slide #2 is the hypothesis. If it is, then it should be labeled as such, and it should be accompanied a list of the studies that will affirm it. While the...
The end:
.....evance of the study needs to be simply communicated, and much of the detail condensed or removed. A better job is done with studies #2 and #3, but 1-2 extraneous slides could be removed from each, by thinking carefully about slides that could be consolidated and information removed. The relevant information is there, but surrounded by a thicker of extraneous matter that needs to be pared away so the reader can find a pathway in. The detail can come after the relevance has been established.
Finally, a great deal of information is packed into slides 21 and 22. By saving room elsewhere in the presentation, these 2 slides can be lengthened into 4. Time can be taken to address these points, and to lay them out before the reader less chaotically.