Acheilles Compared to Hector as an Individual


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The beginning:
Acheilles Compared to Hector as an Individual
In the Homeric World, heroic code was a vital part of life that governed the conduct of Homeric heroes and the esteem of peers and life without the code would be completely meaningless (“Homer’s Iliad”). Life for
and Hector was based on the heroic code even though it was often savage-like and merciless with failure, death, and elimination, but it brought prizes that included spoils of war, such as
that belonged to Agamemnon and
even though he gained her as a prize. Consider the passage,
Know that not by violence will I strive for the damsel’s sake, neither with thee nor any other ye gave and ye have taken away. but of all else...
The end:
.....cause he favored public opinion and he was unwilling to listen to his wife. While his wife tried to tell him to not re-enter into the war, he refused to listen to her advice because he favored public opinion. One area that was favorable about
is the fact that he genuinely cared about
even though she was a prize, this was admirable that he was so in love with her.
was definitely an individual who was a hero.
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