Academic Integrity


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This paper shall look at the importance of academic integrity in the context of a highly digitized and fast-paced world.
Academic Integrity
Academic integrity is important for many reasons. There are the reasons that can be categorized as having to do with basic human values that are revered, such as telling the truth and living an honest life. Then there are reasons of fairness, that all students are graded based on a level playing field. No one receives a grade based on special treatment, and no student is able to receive a grade that they didn’t work to earn. Similarly, the students and those who have some reason to place value on their education (whether a parent paying for it or an employer assuming the education provided...
The end:
.....ue ascribed to grades and to degrees is truly merited, and that the human interaction within the academic experience is honest and nurturing, rather than deceptive and destructive. Without academic integrity, education and the degrees that students earn lose the majority of their real and ascribed value.
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