Academic Integrity and Dishonesty


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Academic Integrity and Dishonesty
University is an environment in which students are supposed to be evaluated on their ability to learn. With this in mind anything that can result in students appearing to be learning at a higher level than they are actually learning is problematic. This is when academic dishonesty becomes a major issue. For example, in Academic Dishonesty it is suggested academic dishonesty can take a range of different forms ranging from cheating and plagiarism to misrepresentation and facilitating. In all cases it involves students attempting to trick faculty into believing that they are learning more then they are learning(Whitley and Keith-Spiegel 16-17).
In this essay we will look at the reasons why academic integrity...
The end:
.....f academic achievement that they deserve based upon their skill and hard work. Academic dishonesty results in students obtaining academic achievements based on someone else’s work. This can have major ramifications of the type of society that is being created.
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