Academic Country Report: Central African Republic


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Academic Country Report: Central African Republic
The Central African Republic (CAR) is one of the most remote and poverty-stricken countries on the African continent. Perhaps the main reason for CAR’s tenuous economic and political situation is that the country was isolated from contact with the outside world, including neighboring African countries, for the vast majority of its existence, and was subject to particularly vicious forms of imperialism over the past two centuries (O’Toole 22). As such, it is entirely understandable that CAR remains a highly poor, rural, and troubled country, even by African standards. This report will assess CAR from a number of demographic and empirical perspectives, and conclude by discussing...
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.....uld also do well to make any internal adjustments required by creditors in order to remain eligible for financial incentives that could help to mitigate the country’s misery.
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