Abstract for Article on Moral Emotions and Unethical Bargaining


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The beginning:
Abstract for Article on Moral Emotions and Unethical Bargaining
A Revised abstract for the Cohen article
My assessment of the original abstract
I believe the original abstract does not outline the actual problem being addressed. Additionally, no information is given as to the composition and features of the study group. However, the key results are summarized and the central purpose is fairly evident.
Revised abstract
Reference to the research study: Cohen, T. (2010). Moral emotions and unethical bargaining: the differential effects of empathy and perspective taking in deterring deceitful negotiation. Journal of Business Ethics, 94, pp.569-579.
A significant problem in contemporary negotiations in the business world is the extent to which...
The end:
.....feigning emotions to
manipulate opponents. These results suggest that unethical
bargaining is more likely to be deterred by empathy
than by perspective taking. Study 2 also tested whether
individual differences in guilt proneness and shame
proneness inhibited the endorsement of unethical bargaining
tactics. Guilt proneness predicted disapproval of
false promises and misrepresentation. Empathy did not
predict disapproval of false promises when guilt proneness
was included in the analysis. The comparatively private
nature of the sin of false promises suggests that private
ethical breaches are more likely to be deterred by anticipated
guilt, while ethical breaches with clear interpersonal
consequences are more likely to be deterred by