“AandM Records v. Napster”


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This paper shall review how the A&M Records v. Napster case has changed the culture. The basic facts of the case are reviewed. An outline of copyright law fundamentals are presented, and the applicable concepts regarding the Napster case are reviewed. The aftermath of the 9th Circuit’s decision is examined and the new cultural norm of paid music down loading is discussed.
"AandM Records v. Napster"
Current copyright law is based upon the Copyright Act of 1976, but copyright protection predates this law to the writing of the United States Constitution where the Framers empowered the federal government to create legislation to protect the inventions and original works of the authors (Radcliffe & Brinson, 1999, para.1). The...
The end:
..... of dollars to parents of illegal down-loaders, has bolster the online music industry. This has all but eliminated the traditional brick and mortar outlets for music (Tim, 2004, para.7).
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