A Wrongful Search and Detention


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The beginning:
A Wrongful Search and Detention
The following paper explores a situation that might a matter of wrongful search and detention – though I do not believe this was the case. In the ensuing pages, I will outline the details of the search and I will cite the legal precedent that gives me, as a peace officer, the right to do the things I did in this situation. While I would use somewhat different language the next time, I fundamentally believe that I had reasonable grounds and that the search was a valid one that apprehended two potentially dangerous felons.
In the synopsis below, we have a situation in which we pulled over an individual (two individuals, actually) who were suspected of selling drugs in another city; it is possible they were...
The end:
.....ld submit that my partner should not have uttered her concerns before the occupants in this way because it did complicate the situation unnecessarily and provocatively.
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