A Vacation to Branson, Missouri With My Family


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A Vacation to Branson, Missouri With My Family
When it comes to being an adolescent, sometimes a person does not want to go on vacation with his or her family. This was definitely true for me on my senior year before graduation. I thought friends and my job were more important than going on a silly vacation to Branson, Missouri. I learned that going on a vacation to a state that I had never visited and that spending time with my family were more important than spending time with friends. My perspective about vacations changed after losing my sister.
My family consists of my father and my mother and an adopted sister. My father is the major head of the family and what he states is law in my family. My mother is a small, petite woman who...
The end:
..... or music shows. I learned that trying new places and going to new things can be fun and that I had limited my ideas when I refuse to try something new.
My perspective about family vacations changed from this trip and after finding my lost sister. For instance, I understand why my father can be gruff at times because I know that he loves us. I also found that my mother obeys my father and expects us to because she believes that my father only states what he believes is best for the family. I also changed my perspective about family vacations because I learned that they can be fun. The most important moral in the story is to appreciate family members because no one ever knows how long a person has on earth or when a person might become lost.