A Teleological Argument for Intelligent Design


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A Teleological Argument for Intelligent Design
This thousand word essay is about the teleological argument for Intelligent Design, and how these arguments tend to reflect very poorly upon the character of our supposed creator. It would seem that human inability to grasp reality in all its totality is not an argument for Intelligent Design or the existence of God unless God is a more cruel character than the human monsters like Adolph Hitler. I say this because Hitler was a vicious butcher, but he did not invent the people he persecuted and destroyed. Meanwhile, there is an almost worldwide, religion-based hatred of homosexuals. Even among non-religious people there is often a baseless discomfort around people who are gay and lesbian.
If my...
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.....us Self again. And philosophers will similarly tie in the events of the universe with questions about what God’s intentions are.
Both ways of thinking seem rather primitive, and oddly enough, it is the religious thinkers who are being less arrogant. They make excuses for the effects of events, like Hurricane Katrina, for example. They don’t know, and say “The Lord moves in mysterious ways,” precisely because they cannot bring themselves to look such an omnipotent monster in the eye. Philosophers, on the other hand, actually behave as if they can rationalize God’s intentions, or try to, when there is of course no way of knowing, no way to invent a teleological argument that means anything, whether you hate people for being homosexual or not.