A Survival Story: Big Humbert the Bear and the Broken Down Car


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Excerpts from the Paper

The beginning:
A Survival Story: Big Humbert the Bear and the Broken Down Car
I had been driving for about four hours when I heard a loud bang coming from my front wheel. My car swerved a little bit, but I managed to maintain control of the vehicle as it slid off the heavily forested road, barely missing a large tree. With my heart in my throat, I took a moment to calm down and to get my wits about me. I had never expected my new Volkswagen to blow out a wheel so soon, especially in the middle of the woods in upper state New York. I had been planning on reaching the family vacation cabin in about three hours, but it was apparent I was going to have to wait it out here. After all, I was in the middle of a very dense woodland area and there was absolutely...
The end:
.....oticing the sounds of the forest.
3.Hearing coyotes and other wildlife.
B.The Coming of the Bear.
1.Hearing the shuffling of the bear in the wood.
2.The bear pushing on the tent with its nose.
3.The fear of the bear coming into the tent.
C.The Bear Leaves.
1.The slow dissipating sound of the bear shuffling away.
2.The return of the sounds of crickets after the bear leaves.
IV.Of Being Rescued.
A.The Car Mechanic.
1.Of being awakened by the mechanic.
2.Being towed to the repair garage.
B.Calling my Father.
1.On being grateful to be back in civilization.
2.Feeling the safety of family.
A.Telling my survival story to my family at the cabin.
1.On coming closer to nature.
2.Appreciating our family vacation by being one with Nature.