A Sociological Perspective of “America’s Next Top Model”


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A Sociological Perspective of "America’s Next Top Model"
America’s Next Top Model is a reality television program created and hosted by world-famous supermodel Tyra Banks. Now in its fourteenth “cycle” on television, the show has been on the air in the United States since 2003 and has spawned several sister shows in other countries, such as Germany, Britain, and New Zealand (Internet Movie Database). Each cycle of the show follows a similar plan: over the course of several weeks, a group of young female models compete with one another on challenges and photo-shoots to perform the best as a model in different situations. Each week one contestant is eliminated by a panel of judges who decide if the “girls” are really top model material. In...
The end:
.....ach other and seemingly interested in fostering friendships despite the competition. I predict, however, that over the next two weeks of episodes, the models will become increasingly hostile to one another out of jealousy and fear that they will not make it to the end to become America’s Next Top Model.
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