A Sociological Comparison of Patriarchal Caucasian Biological Theory


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The beginning:
A Sociological Comparison of Patriarchal Caucasian Biological Theory and the Problem of Women and African Americans as Second Class Citizen in the Late 19th and early 20th centuries
To the President of the United States:
For me, the primary sociological arguments defined by Charlotte Perkins Gilman illustrate the problem of biological function for women as traditional inferiors to white males. Traditionally, the role of the woman as a domestic servant must have been socially contrived due to her own evaluations of human beings in relation to other species: “We are the only species in which the female depends on the male for food, the only animal species in which the sex-relation is also an economic relation” (Gilman 2000, p.124). By...
The end:
.....granted the right to vote, but segregation and racism prevented them from taking action on this right. These are important ways in which Du Bois and Gilman would contrast each other on their roles as second-class citizens, but it was their refutation of white patriarchal institutions that bound them in a common cause. 
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