A Short Biography of Harriet Tubman


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A Short Biography of Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman was an African American girl born into slavery in 1820. She worked as a house servant as a child, but in her teenage years “she was sent to work in the fields” (People and Events: Harriet Tubman”). As an adult, Tubman was then allowed by her master to marry a black freeman in 1844. While she was free to live with her husband, she was still owned by her master. However, after the death of her former master, she was fearful of being sold off to another, less tolerant slave owner. This fear inspired her to run away to the North to freedom, causing a rift in her marriage because her husband chose to stay in Maryland. Soon after her departure, Tubman’s former husband was remarried. She did not...
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.....reated by the federal government in her memory in 1994. These are the various awards and accomplishments associated with the legacy that Harriet Tubman left behind in her service to African American peoples.
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