A Scrapbook of Ninoy Aquino


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The beginning:
A Scrapbook of Ninoy Aquino
Beningo “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.
Born: November 27, 1932 Concepcion, Tarlac, Philippines
Died: August 21, 1983 Manila International Airport, Manila Philippines
Ethnicity: Filipino
Education: B.A.
de Manila
Father Grandfather
Beningo Aquino, Sr. Servillano Aquino
Born: September 3, 1894 Concepcion, Born: April 20, Tarlac, Philippines 1874 Angeles City,
Died: December 20, 1947 Rizal Memorial Pampanga,
Coliseum, Manila, Philippines Philippines
Ethnicity: Filipino Ethnicity: Filipino
Education: J.D., University of Santo Tomas Education:
University of Santo
Manila, Philippines
Capital city of the Philippines
City population: 1.7 million
Urban area population: 21 million
City area: 15 square miles
Urban area:...
The end:
.....e footsteps of his parents and they are unique in that the family is a bona fide political dynasty.
Economic Effects of the Family Experiences
The death of Ninoy was a blow to the possibilities which might have been had he stayed alive. Marcos knew that Ninoy would eventually come to power as the Aquino legacy was too strong. Had Ninoy become president, the country would have likely been much further along economically at this point. Perhaps there would have even been massive mechanization and industrialization which would have occurred. The work of Corazon and
Aquino III to achieve these ends has been significant though and the Philippines is a major destination for multinational corporations seeking strong manufacturing locations.