A Role Model with a Worldview


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A Role Model with a Worldview
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October 14, 2010
Billy Graham: Portrait of a Role Model
The basis for choosing Billy Graham is simple: he is a forthright human being whose lifestyle exudes the very best of Christianity. Wacker (2009) argued that “almost all visitors to the Graham household, including critics, came away saying that they found him to be a figure of warmth, humility, and sincerity” (p. 496). This perspective belies how the depth of Graham, his conviction, and it strengthens the very cause of Christianity itself. Graham is a man by all rights, but he is a man who inspires others to an amazing degree. He leads by example and has truly taken his faith to heart so deeply that he is...
The end:
There is no greater role model than Graham because he helps millions of people to realize these types of important revelations from the Bible. In helping Christians along their path, Graham is truly a savior in his own right and labeling him a role model is an understatement.
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